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In the Us the state with the most foreclosed homes is California. This is because it is one of the largest states and therefore more people are living there.

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Q: What state has the most foreclosed homes?
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Can wages be garnished on foreclosed homes?

Not if wages are exempt in the applicable state. Yes if they are not.

Where can I find the best prices on foreclosed homes for sale?

A great place to go when you're looking for prices on foreclosed homes is They have listings by state, and they are organized very well.

Is there a redemption period in the state of Georgia for foreclosed homes?

In some states, a lender can seek a personal judgment against the debtor regarding the redemption period for foreclosed homes. In Georgia, there is no statutory right of redemption.

Where can one find foreclosed houses in Pittsburgh?

One can find foreclosed homes in Pittsburgh on Zillow, which features Foreclosed Properties for Sale in Pittsburgh. Other resources for foreclosed homes include homes yahoo, foreclosures bank of america and bank foreclosure sales.

How can anyone get into buying foreclosed homes?

When foreclosed homes are put up for auction that are usually held publicly by the banks. If you are able to meet all the requirements than you can purchase a foreclosed home.

Where can I find a listing of foreclosed homes for sale in my area?

In a lot of countries foreclosed homes are seized by the state or bank and sold off during auctions (or sold to large auction houses specialized in such holdings). These auctions are often listed in the local paper. If one is from the United States, one can also find information on foreclosed homes for sale on sites like

What are some benefits of buying a foreclosed home?

There are a few benefits of buying a foreclosed home. Foreclosed homes are generally cheaper than non-foreclosed homes. One can also negotiated for a better deal with a foreclosed home because banks want to sell the home quickly.

Where to check out foreclosed homes in va at?

If someone wanted to check out foreclosed homes in Va at there are a variety of places where someone can do so. Some of these places are foreclosures, zillow and Yahoo homes.

What is bank owned homes?

bank owned homes are homes that have been foreclosed by a bank.

What are some cheap homes in Denver?

While there are many cheap homes in Denver, the cheapest ones are going to be ones that are marked as "Foreclosed". The prices on the foreclosed homes rank anywhere from $55,000-$85000.

Should one buy foreclosed homes for sale?

There is nothing wrong with buying foreclosed homes. A professional should be hired to inspect the home and find out what kind of repairs will be needed. There are pros and cons with purchasing a foreclosed home.

Where can I get information about foreclosed homes for sale?

Information about foreclosed homes in your area will available at the county or city hall. Your local government will have information regarding foreclosed homes due to property tax information. You may also find homes that are available for purchase due to owner's lack of responsibility in paying property taxes.