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They all have the same! 2 for each state

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Q: What state has the most senators?
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Which state has the most Senators?

California has 55 total Representatives.

What state has most senators?

They all have the same! 2 for each state

How many STATE senators are there How many US senators are there?

2 state senators and there are 100 us senators 2 for every state

How many state senators does each state have?

Each state has two US Senators. The number of state senators is determined by the state.

How many Minnesota state senators are there?

There are 67 State Senators in the Minnesota Senate. (see the related link for the current senators)

How many state senators are in the state of Washington's legislature?

There are 49 State Senators.

How many U.S senators come from each state?

two senators from each state

How many senators do we represent in ga?

The state of Georgia is represented by 56 state senators.

What is the number of senators in state's congressional house of senators in Massachusetts?

there are two senators for every state.

What is the difference between state and federal senators?

State senators are elected by the residents of the state to represent them in the State Senate. Federal Senators are elected by the residents of a state to represent them in the Federal Senate. State senators make laws for the state, while Federal Senators make laws for the entire nation.

How many state senators does Iowa have?

2. There is always 2 senators in every state, but this does not go for representatives.

Who elect senators now?

The registered voters of each state elect the senators for their state. At one time, senators were elected by state legislation.