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We don't have the statements so can't answer. Since this is an apex item you need to read the article that goes with the question. Quit cheating and get to reading.

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No one asked. This is the whole point of the website you bozo, get outta here smh
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lame ahh

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Q: What statement is true of voting in the US (apex)?
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Which statement about us dollar diplomacy in latin American is true?

It went along with American military action. Apex =)

What statement about the media in the US is true?

All of the above

Is this statement False The majority of criminal laws in the US are enacted by states?

No. The statement is true.

Where in your constitution is it stated that anyone has the right to vote for the office of President of US?

The US Constitution makes no such statement. It is not true that everyone can vote- there are restrictions based on age, ability to establish proof of citizenship, prior registration, etc. The 15th amendment says that race or color can not be a restriction against voting. The 19th amendment says that sex can not be used as a voting condition.

In success of women in the west in gaining voting rights first in the US most supports the idea of?

A spirit of independence in the west.-APEX

What is the true statement about US?

It explains the organization of the federal government.

What statement is true about US?

It explains the organization of the federal government.

Which statement about the media in the US is true?

It is largely privately owned.

Which of the following is not true of voting in the US prior to the civil war?

Slaves and women had the right to vote.

Which statement is true about the middle class in the US today?

All of the above.

Which statement best describes voting in the US?

some voters go to polling places, while some submit their ballots by mail

In compulsory voting an idea whose time has come what reason do opponents of compulsory voting give as to why it would not work in the US?

It would be too difficult to implement.