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California, Connecticut, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, Washington.

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Q: What states allow conjugal visits?
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Does Polk Correction Inst in Fl allow conjugal visits?

There are no conjugal visits in the state of FL.

Does the state of Virginia allow conjugal visits?


Do inmates in Illinois get conjugal visits?

Only six states allows conjugal visits and Illinois is not one of them.

Do they allow conjugal visits in federal prison?

With my experiance i am saying they will allow y.vijay sasthry

Are conjugal visits allowed in Indiana?


Can women be with men in prison?

Not if they are both incarcerated. Some states/prisons have conjugal visits for married inmates.

What prisons in Florida have conjugal visits?


Are conjugal visits allowed in federal prison n CA?

No. In other words: I don't even know what a conjugal visit is. Fail.

Who is the speaker in conjugal visits by al young?

A girl named Kamisha

What do you say to the father and mother of a newly engaged daughter?

oh, the conjugal visits have worked out i see....

Did Charles Tex Watson have kids?

Yes, he had 4 kids while in prison through conjugal visits.

Is an inmate and his same-sex spouse eligible for conjugal visits?

In states where same-sex marriage is legal or at least legally recognized, same-sex spouses are entitled to the same privileges as any other spouse, including conjugal visits if such a program exists. In the federal prison system, same-sex spouses are entitled to equal treatment in all 50 states, regardless of what state law says on the issue, according to an announcement made on February 8, 2014 by United States Attorney Eric Holder.