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the abolitionist movement used tactics like forming antislavery societies, ending legal importing of slaves, the newspaper, and the states north of Maryland passed laws that would end slavery.

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sugar boycott plays, Cartoons
newspaper and letter writing
public events

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It was supposed to abolish slavery.

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Q: What tactics did abolitionists use?
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What tactics did abolitionists movement use to combat slavery?

Abolitionists used a variety of tactics to combat slavery, including public lectures, written publications, petitions, legal challenges, and direct action such as aiding escaped slaves and participating in the Underground Railroad. They also organized boycotts of goods produced by slave labor and worked to change public opinion on the immorality of slavery.

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Southerners often reacted to abolitionists with anger and hostility, viewing them as a threat to their way of life and property rights. Some resorted to violence or intimidation tactics to silence abolitionist voices in the South.

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