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Q: What time of year does most of the voting in Congress take place?
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Where does voting on a bill take place?

depends: federal: congress states: state legislature city_town: city_town councils

Where does the voting for reprisetntiives take place?

in a place

When does voting take place in the Britain 1820?


Where did the Constitutional Congress take place?

The Constitutional Congress took place in Philadelphia from 1787 to 1789.

When does the yearly meeting of congress take place?

The yearly meetings of congress

Where does the African Peace Congress take place?

It take place at church.when you celebrating festivals.

Where will the vote for president take place?

Citizens cast their vote at their prescribed voting place. When you receive your voter registration card, you will also receive information as to where your voting place will be. You can only cast your vote here.

What type of impact does voting have on our system of government?

Take a look at the most recent presidential election and you see the results of voting.

Where does day-to-day work for congress take place?

not sure

Where in austria did a congress take place in 1814-1815?


What are the manners of voting?

Keep your place in line. Don't pry into whom others are voting for, register as requested, keep control of your children if you HAVE to take them with you, and leave in an orderly fashion.

How did Ben Franklin vote?

Franklin was a revolutionary after the king called him before him when the Boston Tea Party happened. When he signed the Declaration he stated that " they would all hang together or hang separately." While the war was on he was in France the entire time, but did get home to take part in the constitutional convention. If voting had taken place Franklin would have voted for the establishment of the government and Washington. In 1789 only Congress elected the president and general voting didn't take place for several years.