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in a place

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Q: Where does the voting for reprisetntiives take place?
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When does voting take place in the Britain 1820?


What time of year does most of the voting in Congress take place?


Where will the vote for president take place?

Citizens cast their vote at their prescribed voting place. When you receive your voter registration card, you will also receive information as to where your voting place will be. You can only cast your vote here.

What are the manners of voting?

Keep your place in line. Don't pry into whom others are voting for, register as requested, keep control of your children if you HAVE to take them with you, and leave in an orderly fashion.

What percent does 18 take in voting?

The answer depends onthe country, region, organisation for which the election is taking place,the demographics of the electoratewhat the voting is forwhether or not voting is mandatorywhether or not the 18 year-olds feel their vote can make a difference.

Where does voting on a bill take place?

depends: federal: congress states: state legislature city_town: city_town councils

What was the voting right act of 1964.?

The Voting Rights Act of 1964, was signed into law in August, 1965, making various tactics such as literacy tests and poll taxes as a condition for voting. The practices had been set in place by Southern states after the Civil War to deliberately take away the Constitutional voting rights of African Americans.

Where is a certain place where you can not vote?

You can only vote at your prescribed voting place or by mailing in an early voting ballot or an absentee ballot.

When is the US House of Representative elected?

A general election will take place to elect all 441 members to the United States House of Representatives on November 6th, 2012. Elections will take place in all 435 districts returning voting members and all 6 districts returning non-voting delegates.

Ineffectiveness at the polling place on voting day leads to?

Frustration and loss of interest in voting

What is location where voting is carried out?

Poling Place

The place you live and are registered to vote is called your voting...?

Constituency. I think that is the word you are looking for :)