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I belive iceage?

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Q: What time period did the saber-toothed tigers live?
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Do tigers live in pairs or packs?

Most tigers will choose to live alone or with a mate and cubs. This means that there are usually no more than 5 tigers that live together at a time.

Do tigers live in heards or are they solitary?

Tigers are solitary, except for females with cubs and at mating time.

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What time period did iguanodon live in?

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What time period did ankylosaurs live?

Cretaceous period

Where do tigers go in the winer?

most of the time they do not live where the snow lives

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What musical time period did leanoard bernstein live in?

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It lived in the Jurassic period.

What geologic time period did the crylophsaurus live?

the Jurassic Period

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