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Q: What tribe was George Rodgers Clark in?
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Who captured kaskaskia and vincerennes?

george rodgers clark

Was our country named after george Rodgers clark?

America was not named after George Rogers Clark. Clark served as a military officer in the American Revolutionary War.

What is the birth name of Clark Rodgers?

Clark Rodgers's birth name is Clark Woodburn Rodgers.

Was George Rogers Clark victorious at the Battle of Saratoga?

yes he won and it was a turning point in the american revolution i know that cause i am George Rodgers Clark

What nicknames does Clark Rodgers go by?

Clark Rodgers goes by Der Frosch.

Leader whose small force conquered key british forts n the Westi?

george rodgers clark

When was Clark Rodgers born?

Clark Rodgers was born on May 23, 1958, in Spokane, Washington, USA.

When was George Washington Rodgers born?

George Washington Rodgers was born on 1822-10-30.

When did George Washington Rodgers die?

George Washington Rodgers died on 1863-08-17.

When was George Rodgers born?

George Rodger was born on 1908-03-19.

When did George Rodgers die?

George Rodger died on 1995-07-24.

Who led native American in Ohio valley?

George Rodgers Clark. :D. im not even playing. i had to look this up for a wordsearch and it fit right it. so its the right answer.