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Pity and fear

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Q: What two emotions did Greek philosopher Aristotle believe tragedies were effective at inspiring?
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According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle tragedies are effective at inspiring in the audience?

pity and fear

What two emotions did Greek philosopher Aristotle believe tragedies were effective aat inspring?


How was Aristotle important to Greeks?

He identified the characteristics of Greek tragedies.

How was Aristotle important to Greek tragedies?

Aristotle provided the first known analysis and definition of Greek tragedy in his work "Poetics." He identified key elements such as plot, character, and theme that formed the foundation of tragic drama. Aristotle's writings influenced playwrights and served as a guide for the development of Greek tragedies.

How did Shakespeare expand Aristotle's idea of tragedy?

Shakespeare added a comic element to his tragedies.

According to Aristotle the best tragedies include a moment of that immediately precedes the heros fall?


This Stoic philosopher was a Roman statesman and the only important writer of Roman tragedies?

Lusius Annaeus Seneca, or Seneca the Younger.

What is an effective way to avoid backing-up tragedies in a car?

Walk behind for a visual check

Are Socrates and sophocles the same person?

No, Socrates and Sophocles were not the same person. Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher, known for his role in the development of Western philosophy, while Sophocles was an ancient Greek playwright, known for his dramatic tragedies like "Oedipus Rex" and "Antigone."

What is one difference between the heroes of the Elizabethan tragedies and those of Greek tragedies?

The Greek heroes in Elizabethan tragedies were from the historical era. In the Greek tragedies they were from the pre-historical era.

When was Sublunary Tragedies created?

Sublunary Tragedies was created in 1999.

When was The New Tragedies created?

The New Tragedies was created in 2003.