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Alexander Hamilton was regarded as a founding father of the United States. Hamilton and his group supported a Strong Central Government

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Q: What type of government did hamilton want?
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Did hamilton want a strong federal government?


Did Alexander Hamilton like the British?

The British had a Strong National government. Alexander Hamilton want a strong National government. Hamilton and Jefferson were fighting all the time over that. That might be why. Federlists.

What country did Alexander Hamilton want to keep close ties with?

Hamilton wanted to keep close ties with England, Hamilton advocated the English Monarchy, Strong Government and a Centralized Bank.

What type of economy did Alexander hamilton want?

Novanet: Industrial and commerical.Industrial and commercial

What is Alexander Hamilton's view on strength of the national government?

Alexander Hamilton wanted a strong national government because he did not want mainly the power to be in the hands of the state or the people. He did not want to relive the past of when they were under control of the British.

What type of economy did Alexander hamilton want to develop?

Novanet: Industrial and commerical.Industrial and commercial

Are there pictures of Hamilton NJ in 1955?

Go to, click on Images, and type in what you want pictures of.

Who was the federalist party's leader and what type of government did it favour?

Alexander Hamilton was a leader of the Federalist party. Federalists tended to prefer a nationalistic as opposed to weak government.

Did Alexander Hamilton say you want a strong government?

No, Hamilton supported a loose interpretation of the Constitution.He believed in a very limited Government. You can get many of his views and writings from Gutenberg press. The vast majority of our founding fathers wanted a very weak central Government. They viewed the Federal Government as a needed evil.

What type of government did Hamilton believe in?

Hamilton was a Federalist who believed in a country with a strong federal government. For example, he wrote the Public Report on a National Bank, in which he suggested that the national government should create a bank to help get rid of Revolutionary War debt, even though some argued that it was a breach of the Constitution.

What type of government did the National Republicans want?


What was the level of government Hamilton wanted to strengthen?

Hamilton was a Federalist, so he wanted to strengthen the executive branch of the national government