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Alexander Hamilton thought it would improve credit with Europe and he and he was the founder of the federalist party.

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to have freedom or right's

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I don’t know

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Q: Why did the federalists want a strong central government?
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What did the the anti- federalists want?

The Anti Federalists did not want a strong central government.

What was something the anti-federalists did not want?

The Anti Federalists did not want a strong central government.

Who were the advocates of centralization and why did they want to alter or abolish the Articles of Confederation?

The Federalists wanted a strong central government. The Articles called for a weak central government with the confederation having their own governments.

Did the Anti-Federalists want a stronger national government?

No. The Anti-Federalists believed in the power of the individual states, which could look out for their own interests, rather than submit to the central government. The Federalists believed that a strong federal government was needed to bind the country together.

What the anti-federalists don't want?

They did not want a strong and dominant federal government.

What did nationalists want in a new American government?

A strong central government

Did anti federalists want the states or central government to have more power?

Federalists favored the passage of the US Constitution. Anti-Federalists opposed passage because, among other things, they thought the Constitution gave too much power to the federal government at the expense of the state governments. So clearly the Federalists wanted stronger national government and the Anti-Federalists wanted a weaker national government (and, in a zero-sum game, stronger state governments). The ensuing discussion led to the Bill of Rights.

What group wanted a strong national government?


What did federalist want to do?

The Federalists wanted power situated in a strong national government.

What did anti Federalist oppose?

That the position of president may develop into a monarchy.

What were people who want a strong national government called?

Democrats usually favor a stronger centralized government. TOTALITARIANISM(Hitler)

What did the Federalists want the US Constitution to provide?

strong centralized government that was self functioning