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Q: What type of government is one in which the workload is managed by multiple agencies and departments?
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What describes the strategy of delegating a policy program to a lower level of government?

The strategy is time management. You can get more people to share in the workload which makes it get done more quickly.

What are purposes of committees in the house and the senate?

Committee members function as event organizers, media, and logistical engineers.That depends on the terms of reference set out for the committee.

Why do you think presidents in recent years have given vice presidents more responsibilities?

In recent years, the President has been more instrumental in choosing the vice-president. In most cases, he picks someone he can work with and whom he trusts. Therefore, he is williing to assign him important missions. Also, the workload on the President has increased - he has more need to have someone he trusts to perform some the duties that Presidents used to do themselves.

Why does Congress conduct business mainly in committees?

Just like in business, committees are often formed to look into a specific problem or research a particular issue. Committees are usually made up of people with expertise in the subject, and they are given the time to focus exclusively on it. The members meet, come to some conclusion, and eventually report their findings. Congress will then use the committee's information to decide whether to take some action. Sometimes, the results of a committee's findings can lead to legislation, as congress votes on a bill that tries to remedy the problem or resolve the issue. But at other times, the committee's findings do not result in new laws; after discussions and debates, congress may decide not to pursue the matter any further, and the committee's report is filed for future reference, in case the subject comes up again. Proposed legislation is sent to the appropriate standing committee for review. Most bills die here. Only the most promising ones actually come to the floor for discussion and a vote.

Why do you have the committee system?

The purpose of a committee system is to be able to work in smaller groups that deal with only one issue. The opposite could lead to chaos within the legislative system because everyone wants their different ideas discussed at the same time. The committee system keeps the meetings focused on the issues, one at a time.

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Over time the number of executive departments grew in large part because?

the workload of the Federal Givernment expanded as the country grew

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What describes the strategy of delegating a policy program to a lower level of government?

The strategy is time management. You can get more people to share in the workload which makes it get done more quickly.

Does the GAO have an auditing function?

The GAO does serve, however, as the principal auditor for the U.S. government's annual consolidated financial statements, and in 2005 devoted 15 percent of its workload to financial audits.

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Your government will have told you when this will be paid, look at the letter. Different people are paid at different times so as to stagger the payments and make the workload manageable.

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