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Day labor was made up of day laborers and domestic servants who were mostly women.

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Q: What type of labor was made up of day laborers and domestic servants?
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Why were slaves brought to the new world?

Slaves were brought to the new world to do the brutal back-breaking farm labor. Many were also made into domestic servants.

How was slavery a steady and inexpensive source of labor?

Blacks who did not have jobs were made to serve time as forced laborers. /D

Are laborers classified as slaves?

No, laborers are not classified as slaves. Laborers are individuals who are employed to perform work in exchange for wages or other forms of compensation. Slavery involves forced labor where individuals are owned or controlled by others and have no freedoms or rights.

Why do you eat chocolate made up from child labor?

Most everyday consumers do not know whether products are made using child laborers or adult laborers. These don't come with labels: "Made by children's hands." It would be easier if labels exist... but they don't.

Were people in France laborers?

There have always been laborers in France, but France was never exclusively made of laborers.

What were the 4 Labor groups who built the transcontinental railroad?

The four labor groups that built the Transcontinental Railroad were the Canadian and British engineers and surveyors, manual labor crews made up of former slaves and emigrant Chinese, semi-skilled laborers made up from discharged Union and Confederate troops, and emigrant Irishmen. The supervisory crew was made up of whites, including some Irish.

What did Rome's new urban proletariat do?

Rome's new urban proletariat, made up of freed slaves and landless citizens, mostly worked in low-paying jobs as laborers, servants, or artisans. Some were involved in organized crime or political activities as a way to make a living or gain influence. Overall, they struggled with poverty and insecurity while often serving as a source of cheap labor for the wealthy elite.

How did the black codes provided a steady source of labor for whites who owned farms?

Blacks who did not have jobs were made to serve time as forced laborers. --APEX

Are Valley Forge flags made in the US?

Yes. U.S. flags are made entirely of domestic materials and that each process in manufacturing the flag is accomplished in U.S. facilities with U.S. labor.

Why did slavery replace indentured servitude as the main form of plantation labor in the southern colonies?

Slavery became the main form of plantation labor in the southern colonies because it provided a more reliable and long-term workforce compared to indentured servitude. The transatlantic slave trade made it possible to acquire a continuous supply of enslaved laborers, while the indentured servants had the possibility of gaining freedom after a set period of time. Additionally, the legal and social systems in the southern colonies began to institutionalize and rationalize the practice of slavery, further solidifying its prevalence.

Some settlers who wanted to go to America were too poor to pay for the voyage therefore many of them became servants?

The term used for such people was indentured servants. Normally when their debts were paid they became free persons.

How was cotton made by slaves?

Southern cotton farmers needed extensive hand labor to plant, pick, gin, and bale the cotton they grew. Without slaves, it would have been difficult to find affordable laborers.