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NA meetings are for drug addicts. NA stands for Narcotics Anonymous. Check with local medical clinics to find out if meetings are available in one's area.

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Q: What type of meetings are NA Meetings online?
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Where can one find NA meetings?

You can find NA meetings anywhere. By researching online and providing some info. On some specific websites designed for this kind of activities. Also, can search in your state local police dept.

Do you know of any voice enabled NA chat room?

Online NA voice meetings and NA chat rooms can be found at the related link below.

Where can one find info on Narcotics Anonymous meetings?

One can find information on Narcotics Anonymous meetings at the NA organization website, NA Meeting Locator website, and the wikipedia page for Narcotics Anonymous.

Why would a married man continue to go to NA meetings when his wife is not comfortable with it and he can use the phone. They have NA phone meetings A lot of these meetings are just hook-up spots you?

There can be a variety of reasons that a married man would attend NA meeting and not just phone meetings. Some people need the face to face accountability and not just over the phone, he may feel as he can be more dishonest over the phone and when talking face to face there is nothing to hide.

Does Russell Brand use drugs?

No, he is a recovering drug addict. He goes to NA meetings 3 times a week.

Where to get marijuana help?

If you're talking about getting help with an Addiction to weed, I would look up NA meetings in your area. NA stands for Narcotics Anonymous.

Where do teens who abuse drugs go?

teens can go to a rehab or go and take drug class at there local na meetings

What are NA meetings?

NA usually refers to Narcotics Anonymous. There is no Narcissists Anonymous, since they do not recognize a problem and generally feel no need to change.

What to do if anonymity is broken in NA meetings?

Since there are no laws broken there are no criminal or civil penalties. It would be a broken promise/agreement between you and the private organization.

how can i find the right 12 step program for me?

To find the right 12-step program for you, research different programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or Overeaters Anonymous. Consider attending meetings of various programs to see which aligns best with your beliefs and needs. It's important to find a program that resonates with you and provides the support you are looking for on your journey to recovery.

I think I need help dealing with my sons addiction. will these meetings help?

Absolutely. Having the ability to talk to a group of people where you either sit-in or pariticipate will help you decipher your feelings on how to handle your son's addiction. There are many places listed in your are of Atlanta, GA that can help you. I encourage you to visit: to find a place that best fits your needs. Hope this helps you.

How would heroin users go about getin help?

A heroin addict can go to the local hospital and detox there. From a detox center, it is highly recommended to continue with residential treatment, then step down to a halfway house and continue with NA or AA meetings.