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Q: What type of renewability guarantees premium rates and renewability?
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The bill of rights guarantees the right to what type of government?

The Bill of Rights outlines the rights and freedoms of the American people. It ensures that the people get a fair and equal Democratic form of government.

What would happen to the nation if there was no court system?

The most likely problem is that state courts might make opposite rulings in the same type of case, or uphold laws contrary to Constitutional guarantees.

What is the most common type of government in the US?

The most common form of democracy in the modern world is representative democracy because it provides the citizens with right to vote and choose their own representative. This type of democracy also gives proper rights to be enjoyed by all guarantees minimal exploitation.

What type of government does Mumbai have?

Mumbai has a mayor-council type of government.

Which is the least preferred contract type because it places the greatest risk on the government?

T&M Time and Material (T&M ) contracts are used for acquiring supplies or services on the basis of direct labor hours at specified fixed hourly rates that include wages, overhead, general and administrative expenses, and profit; and materials at cost. They may be used only when it is not possible at the time of placing the contract to estimate accurately the ex tent or duration of the work or to anticipate costs with any reasonable degree of confidence. Because it places the most risk on the Government, T&M is the least preferred contract type.

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What is the type of annuity in which the cash values are invested in securities?

This type of annuity would be a variable annuity. There are no guarantees on your interest and you may lose some or all of your principle. They do have the ability to grow at higher rates when the markets are up.

What is indeterminate premium life insurance?

Indeterminate premium life insurance is a type of whole life insurance that specifies two premium rates: a guaranteed maximum, and a lower rate you actually pay. The lower premium level is for a set period of time. Then the company establishes a new rate that may be higher or lower than the initial premium. But your premium can never be more than the guaranteed maximum.

The constitution guarantees you the right to what type of trial?

by your peers and fast and speedy

What is a premium for auto insurance?

Your premium is pretty much your monthly bill, after deciding what type of deductible you plan on choosing. The higher deductible the lower your premium will be.

What Type of gas needed for Civic Hybrid?


What type of gas does the Acura TL use?


What type of letter of guarantees available with citigroup?

what kind of letter of guarntee in USA banks

How do you figure out rates?

How do you figure out mortgage rates yearly Type your answer here...

What is flexible premium life insurance?

Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance is a policy usually called Universal Life but some companies may use different names. This type of policy is basically a term life insurance policy with an interest bearing side fund as part of the policy. The mechanics are that you can pay any premium above the minimum premium and within federal tax limits. You can change the premiums and the amount of insurance which makes it a very flexible policy. The trick is that as with term insurance the cost of insurance goes up as you age so you must pay more than the cost of insurance expecially in the beginning or the policy always has a danger of running out of money and the insurance cancelling. This type of policy looks good when interest rates are high but is very dangerous when rates drop.

Refund of payment bond?

Normally, these are not refundable. Bonds of this type are sometimes referred to as "reverse insurance"...the one providing it as part of the deal buys it, from a bonding/insurance company, and that company essentially guarantees performance of what the bond covers...they will perform if the one covered does ot. The premium is a payment, that like insurance, is NOT refunded if there are no claims.

What type of gas does a Mazda RX-8 use?


What type of gas does a Lamborghini use?

Premium or high octane