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The most likely problem is that state courts might make opposite rulings in the same type of case, or uphold laws contrary to Constitutional guarantees.

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it would mean that there would be no more tennis

The result would be no means of establishing justice, settling of disputes.

There would be no branch of government with responsibility of interpreting the laws enacted by the legislative branch.

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IF somebody read this articles they have to dies of cancer and sexual addict

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if their was no court system their would be no justice so if a family member got killed by somebody nothing would happen to that person

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Q: What would happen to the nation if there was no court system?
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What would not happen if the Supreme Court votes 9-0?

No one would write a dissenting opinion.

Why are political systems important?

Without a political system nation's would not be very orginized and everything would be upside down.

Why was the Cherokee Nation's request for an injunction against their removal denied by the US Supreme Court?

The US Supreme Court ruled that it lacked original jurisdiction over the case because the status of the Cherokee nation was not a state but a "denominated domestic dependent nation." Although the injunction was denied, the Court indicated it would be willing to review the matter on appeal from the lower courts. It appears the suit was not refiled in the lower courts.Case Citation:Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, 30 US 1 (1831)For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What has to happen for the Supreme Court to hear a case from a US District Court?

Generally, the US Supreme Court will hear a case from US District Court on direct or expedited appeal if:The case is of such national or constitutional importance it would clearly be appealed to and accepted by the Supreme Court anyway; orThe case involves legislation in which Congress specified appeals of District Court decisions must go directly to the Supreme Court (bypassing the Circuit Court).

What would happen if there was no Supreme Court?

If we did not have the protection of Constitutional Rights there would be regional pockets of intolerance where the prevailing majorities would pass laws that violate the rights of the minorities. There would be no balance. It is part of human nature for the powerful to take advantage, and control, of the less powerful in order to further their own desires and self interests. If that were to happen we would descend into a quagmire of hodge-podge laws and we would lose the stability and intelligence of the national framework of equality we now experience.

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What would happen if a nation had no flag?

it wouldn't be a nation would it?

What are some possible problems that might results from the lack of a nation court system?

If everyone had a different national court system each state would get a different punishmentstate courts might interpret laws differently, no federal system of appeals

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Which court would handle an appeal from someone living in Puerto Rico?

They would have both a local appelate court for the local Commonwealth court system and a federal appelate court for the federal court system.

What would happen if someone broke the law?

they would have to go to court

Where would you go if you want to visit the highest court in the nation?

The Supreme Court building is located in Washington, DC.

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Can you sue the courts for not holding up a court order?

No you cannot sue the court itself. That would be saying that the system was built to work against itself and that's not going to happen. You may be able to sue the person the court ordered to do something for not holding up the court order but you can't sue the court.

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What happen if a executor of estate under the superision of the court doesnt do what the court order?

They would be in contempt of court. They may be jailed and or fined.

What court would hear a cased regarding mineral rights?

It would depend on several factors; What type of case is it? Which court system is it filed in (state or federal)? In state court it would be heard in the lowest state court of original jurisdiction (usually a Circuit Court. In the federal system it would be the US DIstrict Court which included that state in its circuit.

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