What type of votes actually elect the president-?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Electoral votes are the type of votes that actual elect the president.

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Electoral votes are the kind of votes that actually elect the president.

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electoral votes

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Q: What type of votes actually elect the president-?
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What type of votes elects the President?

i believe it is electoral votes

What type of government is it when a new president wins the election with over 90 percent of votes?

The same type it was before, the count of votes for an elected official does not change the form of government.

How can a presidential candidate can lose the overall popular vote and still become president?

A Presidential candidate can lose the overall popular vote and still become President because the US President is NOT elected by the popular vote. The votes cast by the Electoral College elect the President. This type of thing has happened several times before; this is one reason why Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms.

Name the type of speech given by President Elect Barack Obama when he was announced the winner of the Presidential Election?

victory speech

Who elects the leaders and how long do the leaders serve?

it depends on what type of government you are talking about. like in a presidential democracy, the people elect the president and the president is serving for 4 years.

What election is one where the citizens vote for the President?

A presidential election is one where citizens vote for the President. In this type of election, voters directly choose their preferred candidate for the position of President of their country. The candidate who receives the majority of the electoral votes or the popular votes (depending on the country's system) wins the election and becomes the President.

What type of voting system does Greece use?

The political system in Greece is Parliamentary Republic, which means that they have a prime minister, a parliament and a president. The president is mostly typical. People vote in general elections for Prime minister and the parliament every four years and then the parliament votes for President every five. There are also the "local elections" which are every four years for mayors etc. The polotical party with the majority of the votes wins and has to present the cabinet to the president. the parliament votes and accepts it or not. If they don't (lack of majority) then the president doesn't confirm it and they have to redo it. I hope I am helping you a little

What type of government is where people vote or elect?


What is the direct popular election?

There are two types of elections in the United States. The electoral college chooses the President. Every other elected position is through the direct popular vote. In this type of election the candidate with the most votes wins.

Which form of government allows the people to elect the executive leader?

Parliamentary type of government allows people to elect the executive leader.

What kind of government did japan have?

Japan has the type of government like Canada and Britain which is the parliamentary system. Unlike French and America, they donÕt elect their president directly. The prime minister leads the cabinet of minister of the country.

What are some of the similarities and differences between a parliamentary and presidential democracy?

A: They both are a type of democracy. The people also elect their government leaders, and a presidential democracy is ruled by a president and a parliamentary democracy is ruled by a prime minister. -BrockChloe