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when Thomas Jefferson dined alone."

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Q: What us president said you think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent of human knowledge that has ever been gathered at the white house with the possible exception of when thomas jeffer?
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Which former president was known as baby duck?

No US president known as baby duck to my knowledge. A recent president of Haiti was called "Baby Doc".

Who is the adviser of the president constitutionally?

To my knowledge, the U-S Constitution does not mention anything about an advisor to the President. It merely lays out the President's powers and responsibilities. How the President achieves those things is up to him or her.

What president organized his 25000 piece stamp collection as a mean of relaxation from the pressure of the presidency?

Franklin Roosevelt

Can the president force Congress to convene?

Yes. Among the power of the president, Article 2, Section 3 states that the president ". . .may, on extraordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them . . ."In his Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, Justice Joseph Story explained "extraordinary occasions" as including the need "to repel foreign aggressions, depredations, and direct hostilities; to provide adequate means to mitigate, or overcome unexpected calamities; to suppress insurrections; and to provide for innumerable other important exigencies, arising out of the intercourse and revolutions among nations."

How many terms does the executive branch hold?

The president is the executive branch and can serve a maximum of 2 four year terms. The only exception to 8 years would be if the president dies in office and the vice president became president, the vice president would be permitted to finish that term and would be eligible to be elected to two full 4 year terms.

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What president had a stamp collection?


What president had a huge collection of Spider-Man comics?

President Barack Obama .

What race was president Abraham Lincoln?

With the exception of President Obama, all US presidents have been Caucasian.

The President can grant what with the exception of Impeachments?

ummm i dont know hehe bibi :)

What president first enacted the collection of tax?

The President does not enact any collection of taxes. Taxes are set forth by Congress and Congress first began sales taxes after the War of 1812.

If the us president and all the cabinet and congress were killed with the exception of one junior senator who would become president?

Justin Timberlake

What president has a baseball collection of 250 signed balls?

Franklin Roosevelt

Which American philatelist was president?

Franklin Roosevelt was famous for his stamp collection.

What are the release dates for Presidential Collection - 2007 Picturing the President George Washington 1-1?

Presidential Collection - 2007 Picturing the President George Washington 1-1 was released on: USA: December 2009

Where does the bill goes if both houses approve it?

The President, and if the President vetoes it, then Congress can go back and overrule that by passing it again, only exception is that the 2nd time it does not go back to the President.

Which president organized 25000 stamps?

Franklin D. Roosevelt had a large stamp collection. I think he was the only President who collected stamps.

What is the set of medals displayed on the table behind President Trump in the oval office?

Those are President Trump's collection of Challenge Coins.