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Gerald Ford, 1974-1977 James E. (Jimmy) Carter, 1977-1981 Ronald W. Reagan, 1981-1989 George H.W. Bush, 1989-1993 William J. (Bill) Clinton, 1993-2001

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Q: What us presidents were in office 1976 to 2000?
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How many presidents did the US have in 1976?

As of 1976, Gerald Ford was the current and 38th President.

who were the US Presidents 1993 to 2000?

Bill Clinton

Who inwented presidents?

In the US, the office of President is prescribed by the Constitution.

Month when us presidents take office?

Jan. 20

Were there ever any ineligible US Presidents?

If you're asking whether any US Presidents were constitutionally ineligible to hold office, the answer is no.

Why US presidents have to be Freemasons?

Although 15 past U.S. Presidents have been Freemasons, this is not a requirement of office.

Who were the presidents that resign from office in the US?

Richard M. Nixon, in 1974.

US Secret Service for retired Presidents?

The US Secret Service provides protection for retired Presidents as part of their mandate to protect former Presidents and their families. This protection is offered for the lifetime of the former President, unless they decline it after leaving office. The purpose is to ensure the security and safety of the former Presidents and their immediate family members.

Are there any US Presidents who were assassinated while NOT in office?

Theodore Roosevelt was a former US President and a candidate for that office when he was shot and wounded.

How long does it take to be in office?

The term of office for US presidents is 4 years. I hope that is what you want to know.

Which US presidents was in office when the National Anthem was written?

James Madison was President.

What US Presidents were in office during World Wars?

Wilson, FDR and Truman.