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Q: What war was known as Truman's Folly?
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How did Trumans feel about the Vietnam war?

Too busy with Korea at the time.

What was trumans goal in deciding to drop the atomic bomb on japan?

to end the war

Who commanded troops in the korean war and opposed president trumans war strategy?

The fiery and press-savvy MacArthur

What is the capital of the state known as Seward's Folly?

"Seward's Folly" is a nickname for Alaska. The capital of Alaska is Juneau.

What was the Folly Theatre in London first known as?

The Folly Theatre had several other names, beginning with the Lowther Rooms.

What was the purchase of Alaska comically known as?

Seward's Folly.

Was William shakespeare known for praise of folly?

No. The Praise of Folly was written by Erasmus, some decades before Shakespeare's time.

What was Douglas MacArthur's reaction to president harry trumans insistence on a limited war?

MacArthurs was angry because he favored total war

When was Trumans Water created?

Trumans Water was created in 1991.

What is trumans folly?

One source stated that "Truman's Folly" was the Korean War. This may have been in reference to Truman's policy of "not fighting to win", which meant NOT USING THE "BOMB". US Military men who had WON World War Two, used any means available to do it; including the use of "the bomb" (Atomic Bomb). These same men wanted to use it again. The Soviets (Russians) had exploded (tested) their first A-Bomb in 1949; by the time of the Korean War in 1950, the Soviets now had "the bomb." President Truman had the foresight to realize that the world was now in the ATOMIC AGE, and that an Atomic War was not good...for anyone. Some of our military men where abit more traditional...and it took abit longer for the "Mutually Assured Destruction" mentality to sink into their minds. Translation: Truman was correct in not turning Korea into a nuclear war; but he may have been tagged with "Truman's Folly" because of it.

Seward's folly refers to the purchase of the land that is known as?


What was general Douglas MacArthur's reaction to president harry trumans insistence on limited war?

MacArthur was angry because he favored total war <----- NovaNet