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America was founded from Canada. the U.S. was founded because people wanted to be separate from Canada. and for some strange reason Canada was split into north Canada and south Canada. and this is odd. north was south and south was north. so back to the point.


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The New World, or British America, or the British Colonies. Really, The US of A did not exist as one country before it became independent of Britain.

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America; the New Land; there were also many other names the Native Americans had for America.

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Q: What was America called before the Revolutionary war?
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What if America won the Revolutionary war?

America did win their Revolutionary War, or what is called "the War of Independence".

What is the war against America and Britain called from the Declaration of Independence?

The war that America fought against Britain to attain freedom was the Revolutionary War. I sincerely hope this will help your ailment :) .

Did the Revolutionary war happen before the Pilgrims came?

No. The British Pilgrims (also called American colonists) came to the New World (which is North America) in the 17th century. The Revolutionary War occurred in the late 18th century.

What will America win after the Revolutionary War?

After the Revolutionary War America won freedom from Britain.

What was the name of the war that America gained independence from Britain?

The war fought by the 13 colonies to gain independence from England is called the American Revolution. It resulted in the confirmation of the independence of the soon to be formed United States of America.

Was the War for Liberty the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War was America's war for liberty from Britain.

Did Britain help America win in the revolutionary war?

Britain did not help America win the Revolutionary War.

What was the name of the war between America and England in 1812?

American revolutionary war and or it can just be called the American revolution

What was America's most important war?

The revolutionary war.

Why did America fight in the Revolutioary War?

America fought the revolutionary war for independance

Was the Revolutionary War was after the World War 2?

the revolutionary was before world war 2

Who was the war between the colonists and England was called the?

If you're referring to the English colonist located in America, it was the Revolutionary War.