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He was a delegate and an inventor in the constitutional convention.

I actually had a question for this on my social studies test, and the only thing i wrote was this, yet I got it correct, so I hope this helped(:

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He served as Ambassador to France, but he didn't have a "title"; the Founders of this country were vehemently opposed to titles and anything that smacked of "the Crown."

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Q: What was Benjamin franklin's title in Pennsylvania during the Constitutional convention?
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Benjamin Franklin was what of Pennsylvania during the constitutional convention?


Who is the oldest delegate to the Constitutional Convention and what state did he represent?

Benjamin Franklin, of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Franklin attended the constitutional convention as what of Pennsylvania?

Benjamin Franklin was one of eight (8) delegates to attend the convention for Pennsylvania. The convention first began on May 25, 1787, and ended on September 17, 1787.

Benjamin Franklin attended the constitutional convention as of Pennsylvania?

Yes he did infact attend it as a repersentitive of Peensylvania

At 81 Oldest person at the constitutional convention?

Ben Franklin was the oldest delegate at the Constitutional Convention.

Why did Benjamin Franklin feel he needed to attend the constitutional convention?

Benjamin Franklin was eager to have George Washington attend the Constitutional Convention because Franklin planned to nominate Washington for presidency there. The nomination, however, was put forth by the Pennsylvania delegation first.

He is known as the Sage of the Constitutional Convection?

Benjamin Franklin was the 6th president of Pennsylvania and one of the United States founding fathers. He was also known as the Sage of the Constitutional Convention.

Did Benjamin Fraklin attend the Constitutional Convention?

he did

Who was carried to the Constitutional Convention?

benjamin franklin

Who is the members of the convention?

Benjamin Franklin was the oldest member of constitutional convention.

Why is Benjamin Franklin so important with the Constitution?

He outlined the system of governemnt as described in Article I. He was a part of the Constitutional Convention and signed the document.

What was Benjamin Franklin's main contribution to the Constitutional Convention?

He lent his reputation to the convention -