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ben Franklin

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Q: Who was known as the peace maker at the Constitutional convention?
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What is Deganawida known as?

the peace maker

When was Peace Maker - pamphlet - created?

Peace Maker - pamphlet - was created in 1842.

What were some important events in Hiawatha's life?

hiawatha is believed to have lived circa 1525 to 1575. the great peace maker, a creating for them a constitution known as "the great law of peace".

What did Gandhi do in life?

He was a peace maker

How was George Washington first in peace?

Although Washington was the commanding and victorious general in the Revolutionary, he served as a leader in the continental congress before the war began, chaired the constitutional convention after the war and served two terms as the first President of the United States and it was a time of peace.

Who is Deganawidah and Hiawatha?

deganawida is the peace maker.

Who is the peace maker in the Jonas brothers?


How do you spell peacemaker or peace maker?


What was one goal the constitution was to establish?

Sivle rights... peace, freedom, black rights, imigration laws....... things to keep.. or try to keep peace and justice.or ordain if your doing a crossword puzzle

What are the three W's about the Constitutional convention?

The three W's about the Constitutional Convention are: Why because the Articles of Confederation were not working in time of peace. Who attended the convention were our Founding Fathers concerned by the problems that the Articles of Confederation caused wanted a government that could collect taxes to do necessary governmental actions but without tyranny. Finally Which plan would be used. Should all states have equal say or should the number of people in a state make a difference. The Connecticut plan was a compromise over the Virginia and New Jersey plans.

Who was Britain's peace maker Edward?

Edward VII

Who invented the colt peace maker?

Samuel colt