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Deborah Bradford Sampson

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Q: What was Deborah Sampsons moms name?
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Who were Deborah Sampsons enemies?

The Tories

What is taylor Lautner's moms name?

Deborah Lautner

What is my moms name if mine is grace?


Who were some of Deborah Sampsons friends?

Paul Revere

What day is Deborah Sampsons Birthday?

December 17, 1760

What is the full name of Deborah Sampson?

December 17 1760she was born in Massachusetts in December 17, 1760 and she was the oldest of three daughters

What was Deborah Sampsons children names?

Earl, Mary, and Patience she adopted Susanna

Whatis Taylor Lautners moms name?

Taylor's mom's name is Deborah Lautner.

What are Deborah Sampsons siblings names?

John the 2nd, Sylvia, Hannah, Elisha, and Nenemiah

What are the names of Taylor Lautner's parents?

his moms name is Deborah n his dads name is Daniel

What are Taylor Lautner's parents name?

Daniel Lautner and Deborah Lautner

Where was Deborah Sampsons death?

Deborah Sampson died in the battle field because she got shot then the doctor found out she was a female but she had already past away