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Q: What was Newcastle called before it was called Newcastle?
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What was Newcastle called before it got the name Newcastle?


Why is Newcastle called the 'Pittsburgh of Australia'?

Newcastle is called the Pittsburgh of Australia because Newcastle was once a dirty and polluted town due to the factories. Newcastle was referred to this by writer Donald Horne.

How long to drive from England to Newcastle?

No time at all. There is a city called Newcastle in England

Who did shay given play for before Newcastle?


How many hours from Newcastle to New York City?

Well its near....Newcastle football stadiom!!Have you ever been before?

What is the green bridge called in Newcastle?

the tyne bridge

What team does Papiss Cisse play for before Newcastle?


What team did djibril cisse play for before Newcastle?


What accent do people use in Newcastle?

it's called "geordie"

What is the name of the bread made in Newcastle?

the name is called the stotty.

What did the Vikings call Newcastle upon Tyne?

It was called Monkchester.

What is Ant and Dec's pub called?

Its called The Lodge, near Bigg Market, Newcastle.