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government leader


the state

religious leader

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Q: What was The underlying value of democracy is the dignity of the?
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Is the Dignity of any person safe only in democracy?

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How does democracy in a enhance the dignity of individuals?

Democracy is based on the priciple of political equality, on recognising that the poorest and the least educated has the same status as the rich and the educated. People are not subjects of a ruler, they are the rulers themselves. even when they make mistakes, they are responsible for their conduct Hence, Democracy enhances the dignity of a citizen.

What has the author Timothy Murere Njoya written?

Timothy Murere Njoya has written: 'The divine tag on democracy' -- subject(s): Christianity, Christianity and politics, Church and state, Democracy, Religious aspects of Democracy 'Human dignity and national identity' -- subject(s): Dignity, Nationalism, Social ethics

How do you value people's dignity?

With money.

What is the explanation of IAN KHAMA's FIVE D'S?

Democracy, Dignity, Discipline, Development, Delivery

Why democracy enhances the dignity of the citizen?

ACCOUNTABLE - Democracy produces a government which is accountable to all people it is the basic outcome of democracy. it will produce a government which responds to people LEGITIMATE - In democracy elections are conducted through which people select their representatives. If they do not react for their demands they choose another representative in the next elections RESPONSIVE- Democracy produces a government which responds to all the demands and needs of different people. This is how the democracy protects the dignity and freedom of citizens.

What is the motto of World Boxing Organization?

The motto of World Boxing Organization is 'Dignity, Democracy, Honesty'.

What was underlying reason for the war fought by Spain under Philip II?

So he could find dignity in the colonies.

What is underlying distribution?

Underlying distribution is a concept that describes the density for the value of the measurement. It is a theoretical concept.

How democracy enhances the dignity of the citizen?

democracy generally means the right of a citizen to elect its leader or just say ruler. it shows the power and freedom of a citizen over birth-land.

How does democracy inharms human dignity?

Democracy is government of the people by the people and for the people. It is the principle of political equality on recognising that to the poorest to the richest has the same status, people are not the subjects to the ruler they are the rulers themselves

The study of individual dignity and worth is known as?

The study of individual dignity and worth is known as human dignity or dignity studies. It involves examining the intrinsic value and importance of each person, regardless of factors such as social status, background, or beliefs.