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The story of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, which occurred on April 19, 1775, was when the redcoats made their first appearance.

The redcoats were members of the British Army, and the uniform they were issued was given that title. King George III, had plenty of money to see that his military had the best, when it came to their uniforms.

The minutemen were Americans who formed a troop, and their goal was to be ready to fight in a minutes notice, should the British cause trouble. On that day of April 19, 1775, the redcoats marched into the area. They seemed to be in a happy and carefree state of mind.

The minutemen attacked. About 90 Americans were killed or wounded, and about 200 British troops were killed or wounded. The American Revolutionary War had officially begun.

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British militia.

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Q: What was a redcoat description of the Revolutionary War?
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Would you rather be a patriot or a redcoat during the revolutionary war?

I would say Patriot because I would have the home ground advantage and I won the war. :P

What is another word for redcoat?

Red backs was a term for the British during the revolutionary war. A synonym would be lobster-backs which was used derisively toward the English soldiers.

Revolutionary war soldier using word red?

During the Revolutionary Period in American history, a nickname-description of one of the typical soldiers involved that utilizes "red" is "Redcoat". This was a slang term of sorts used to describe the basic foot-soldier serving in the British army: these foot-soldiers wore red-colored jackets as a regular piece of their standard-issue uniform.

Was George Washington a rebel or a redcoat?

A little of each. He gained his military skills while in the service of the English during the French and Indian War. He then became a rebel in the Revolutionary War against the British.

What description best descirbes the actions of the Quakers during the revolutionary war?

they stayed nutural

Who would say i never thought you would burn your own crops but its better then giving food to redcoats. A loyalist or patriot or a neutralist?

A loyalist supported England in the Revolutionary war. A Redcoat was a term used for a British solder who fought for England in the Revolutionary War. A neutralist did not take sides in the war. A Patriot supported the United States and he fought for the United States and against England in the Revolutionary War. Now, who do you think would make such a statement?

What color did the British were during the revolutionnary war?

The British wore redcoats during The Revolutionary War

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What is a red coat in US history war?

In the American Revolution, a redcoat is a member of the British army.

What was a redcoat?

A redcoat was a tax collector that gave the money to the king

Was lord Cornwallis in the civil war or the Revolutionary War?

he was in the revolutionary war

What was the name of the war the us fought the British?

That would be the revolutionary war. That was the war in which the U. S. won it's independence from Great Britain.