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The Untouchables, called in India the Harijans.

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Q: What was considered the lowest castle system in India?
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What social group was considered the lowest under India's caste system?


What is the underlying basis of India's castle system?


Who is untouchable?

An Untouchable is the lowest rank in the Caste System in India so an Untouchable must be within the lowest rank in society in India.

Why did the government of India make the decision to end the castle system?

becausethe they we dumb

What is the highest and the lowest castes of India?

In India the highest caste system and lowest caste systems are: Brahmans: priests and teachers {being the highest caste} Untouchables: the jobs no one else want to do {being the lowest}

In ancient India the Untouchables were the?

In ancient India, the Untouchables were considered to be the lowest class in society. They collected human waste and pollutants. They were essentially slaves that were not considered human but thought to be property.

What is the highest to lowest social system in India at class birth?

lowest birth class shudras highest birth class brahmans

Which was the lowest caste in India's caste system?


What best describes the caste system in India?

The lowest varna cannot associate with higher varnas

What did the caste system do in India?

it divided people into life long positions like the untouchables who were the lowest of the low

Who are the lowest group of the caste systems in India?

the shudras, those who did manual and menial labor, were at the caste system.

How was the attitude toward castle system in Hinduism?

actually Caste System was widely accepted in Ancient India. Nowadays Caste System is hated by almost every Hindu.