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She was a slave then during the civil war she became a spy

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Q: What was harriet tubmans occupation?
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How much was the bounty on Harriet Tubmans head?

The Bounty put on Harriet Tubmans head was $40000 The Bounty put on Harriet Tubmans head was $40000

When was Harriet Tubmans year of birth?

Harriet Tubmans year of birth is 1820 or 1821

What harriet tubmans real name?

Arminta Harriet Ross

What is harriet tubmans as a child?


What did harriet Tubmans job?


What is harriet tubmans favorite book?

Harriet Tubman was illiterate.

What Harriet Tubmans birthday?

Harriet Tubman's birth date was on march10,1920

What was Harriet Tubmans naitonality?

Harriet Tubman was a string African American

What is Harriet Tubmans daughters name?


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What was harriet tubmans family like?

She was a slaver

What was Harriet Tubmans nationality?

African American