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Life was just a toy to Japanese during Japanese Occupation

they give those POW only some food

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Q: What was life like during the Japanese Occupation?
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How did Japanese treat Malays during the Japanese occupation?

they were treated like dogs

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How did the Japanese occupation affect Singapore and the people?

The occupation of Singapore by the Japanese was like a long nightmare that lasted for three and a half years, the people suffered and lived in constant fear of the Japanese - the price that a country has to pay when it is occupied by another country.Many people experienced hunger during the Occupation because there was a shortage of food. Essential foodstuffs like rice, salt and sugar were controlled. Ration cards which limited the amount of food for each person were given out.

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There is one vampire and one werewolf in Singapore. Other types of monsters like these are all the way in the U.S.A Singapore is known for it's collection of Japanese soldier ghost during World War II. Many people died during the Japanese occupation and these souls of the deceased still haunts the land.

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