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it was like learning about daily life and what goes on and they study it

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Q: What is good education policy during the Japanese?
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What was Japanese public opinion during world war 2?

The Japanese had a mentality of 'no surrender' during World War 2 because they had fought for so long during World War I. The idea that the Japanese might not win the war was inconceivable at the time.

What was the major exception to the relatively good American civil liberties record during World War 2?

American civil liberties were not classifiable as good during WW2. Japanese citizens were sent to internment camps, as well as many German citizens, for the duration of the war. Blacks and women were not granted equal rights under the law. Native American's were not even allowed citizenship.

What was the education like in the ghetto?

in Ghetto's.. life is Dangerous, Dirty and Poor. Death was Often. Education was not good in Ghetto's either. Theres no paper and pencils usually.

What name was given to Franklin D Roosevelt's approach to foreign relations?

A+ program good nieghbor policy

5 Which best describes the Japanese Americans interned during the war?

They were no threat to the United States.You would have needed to include the choices for the best description of the the Japanese Americans. I can tell you this: They were loyal Americans being treated unconstitutionally and unfairly. They were interned in deplorable conditions. Their sons fought in the war. They were good and wonderful people who worked hard and had good businesses. They were robbed of their livelihoods and homes. They were not reimbursed for their homes and businesses and farms. It was one of the worst travesties to ever happen in our country (like what happened to the Native Americans). They were not even allowed to be citizens unless they were born here.

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Does education in the philippines good on japanese occupation?

it might be good in china but i think no it depends

Were japan and the US on good terms during the russo-Japanese war?

Yes, good and neutral.

How were the people treated in Japanese concentration camps during World War 2?


How good was Japanese morale during World War 2?

It was pretty much unwavering.

Did children who worked on farms have a good education during the industrial revolution?

not really.

What three values of the Japanese have created good workers?

Three values: Education, hard work, and cooperation. 4/14/10

When Franklin Roosevelt tried to improve relations with the latin American countries during the 1930s his approach became know as what policy?

the good neighbor policy

What was the education like in the north during the civil war?

the education wasn't good it sucked because the slaves couldn't read or write they had to learn by them selfs and if the slave owners found out that they were being learned they would get beat

What was the attitude of many Californians towards immigrants from japan?

It depends on employment and government policy for Japanese Immigration.

What three values of the Japanese people have created good workers?

Three values: Education, hard work, and cooperation. 4/14/10

How good is the Japanese school system?

Extremely. One of the best in the world due to Education being so important in Japan and throughout Asia.

When you have excelled during your education or at work?

You can excel in your education, when you get really good grades. You can excel in the workplace when you go above and beyond your job duties.