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the education wasn't good it sucked because the slaves couldn't read or write they had to learn by them selfs and if the slave owners found out that they were being learned they would get beat

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The education during the civil war in the north was education.

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Q: What was the education like in the north during the civil war?
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What was like to be soldier during the civil war?

life was very rough back then, not a lot of supplies, or education was there, and it depends on what kind of soldier you were either confed's (feds) or unions

How was culture effected during the Civil War?

what was the civil war like

Did the north or south free slaves?

the north freed the slaves. during the civil war, the north did not like slaves and the south did. slavery was one of the reasons for the civil war! i hoped i helped u answer ur question! :) @Answerer :) - Thanks - Yea you did a lot. I finished the paper because of this. Thanks again - Bye

What strategies were used during the civil war?

the strategy that was used by the north to defeat the south was the python. the python is when the north surrounded the South and slowly moved in and destroyed the south just like a python does to its prey.

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What were some differences of the north and south during the civil war?

Some differences were that the South supported slavery and the North didn't, the South was based on agriculture and the North on industries (like factories), and the South wanted more states' rights while the North supported a federal government.

Why couldn't the North grow cotton during the US Civil War?

The growing of cotton requires a relatively warm climate. This the South had in places like Alabama and Georgia. The North, however, was allowed to buy cotton from the South during the war by the special permit issued by the US Treasury.

What was life in the south like during the civil war?

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pretty bad

What was life during the civil war like in the south?

it was crazy

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it was very weak!