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Slave life in ancient Egypt, was contradictory. Many slaves in ancient Egypt performed the role of servants in the house of the wealthy. They were usually fairly treated, adequately clothed and well fed. Remember there were no modern labor saving devices. Every household job had to be done by hand. It was hard graft.

Those who were less fortunate were forced to do humiliating, degrading and often dangerous work such as working on the land, digging canals, building monuments, quarrying and worst of all working in the mines. They were at the mercy of tough overseers. Food was pretty basic and they were usually naked.

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The egyptians ate figs, dates, bread, pomegranates, honey, peas, beans, and fish.

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the most repugnant place, a place of loathing and abhorrece

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A slave was regarded mostly like a walking pile of dirt. They were considered very low in status, and most usually never even left their plantations.

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Q: What was life like in the city for a slave?
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