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all are right

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Q: What was one of the tactics used by Stalin to maintain power?
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What were Stalin method of keeping power?

Joseph Stalin used many methods to retain power. He used fear and propaganda.Fear, through the Great Purges he created a society where people would inform the government of traitors.Propaganda, there were posters throughout villages, propaganda films and artwork produced in Socialist Realism style.

Who used underhanded tactics to take over power after Lenin's death?

Joseph Stalin

How did the secret police keep Joseph Stalin in control?

they used terror tactics against the enemies of Bolshevism

What is organization political tactics?

is the tactics used by employees to per suit power in organization.

Joseph Stalin's tactics used during World War 2?

Stalin used both his very large army ( which was cheap and where soldiers were expendable) that consisted of both men and women as well as the cold climate and winters in Russia to win against nazi invasion.

Who rose to power in Russia and used force to empower his government?

Joseph Stalin

Was Joseph Stalin a US senator of Wisconsin?

No, that was Joe McCarthy, although they used similar tactics at times trying to find people who they thought were disloyal to their countries.

How did Josef Stalin communicate to the people their vision of the nation?

he used the power of purswasion to eveyone

How did Stalin keep power in the Soviet Union?

Stalin used the police state to arrest and either execute or censor anyone who openly opposed or criticized him. This of course maintained his power because without any open opposition, people did pretty much whatever he wanted. This policy did weaken the Soviet union in the long run though, because it killed large numbers of useful and productive members of society, as well as creating resentment against Soviet rule.

What types of propaganda did Stalin use to maintain his power?

Stalin used various forms of propaganda to maintain his power, including cult of personality, censorship of information, suppression of dissenting voices, and promotion of the Soviet ideology through education and media. He also utilized purges and fear tactics to eliminate rivals and maintain control over the population.

What tactics were used in the battle of agincourt?

No tactics

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