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The USSR did while Stalin was in charge.

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Q: Which country used collectivization to forcibly take over private land to create state-controlled farms?
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What country used collectivization to forcibly take over private land to create state controlled farms?

The Soviet Union, under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, used collectivization in the 1920s and 1930s to forcibly take over private land and create state-controlled farms. This policy aimed to consolidate agricultural production, but resulted in widespread famine and hardship for many peasants.

In what ways do collectivization and privatization differ?

Collectivization involves centralizing control and ownership of resources, typically by the state, whereas privatization involves transferring ownership and control from the state to private individuals or entities. Collectivization aims to promote equality and efficiency through communal ownership, while privatization aims to increase competition and efficiency by allowing private ownership and market forces to drive decision-making.

How was food allocated during collectivization?

Peasants were allowed to keep a small private plot of land for their own food production.

Why did the Gulag class in particular oppose collectivization?

The Gulag class, which consisted of wealthy peasants or kulaks in Soviet Russia, opposed collectivization because it threatened their private property and independence. They were forced to give up their land and livestock to join collective farms, leading to economic losses and loss of status. Many resorted to sabotage or resistance against the forced collectivization.

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The Third Amendment of the Constitution forbids the quartering of troops. This means, troops can't be forcibly housed in private homes without the owner's permission. This amendment was created due to the British forcibly housing soldiers in private homes during the Revolutionary War.

What was the elimination of private farms by Stalin?

When Stalin was in full control of the Soviet Union he revived the once failed attempt to collectivize private farms into government owned and operated farmlands.

What initiatives did Stalin undertake concerning agriculture?

The hallmark agriculture policy synonymous with Josef Stalin was Collectivization, which has been widely recognized as a crime against humanity. Private and kulak farms tolerated under Lenin's new Economic Policy were violently nationalized. Nevertheless, collectivization, command market agricultural policies, and political factors resulted in the Ukraine's holodomor of mass famine during the 1930s.

Is it true The Communist regimes of Eastern Europe ended private ownership in agriculture by gathering farmland together in collective farms?

That is correct. Collectivization of Russian farms began with the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, and expanded to the rest of the Soviet bloc following WW II. With the collapse of the USSR in 1990, private ownership returned.

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