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In 1918, Germany's surrender, bringing the First World War to an end, resulted from at least three related causes. First, the German people were exhausted and also suffering from the Allied sea-blockage of their country. Second, German troops were demoralized and war-weary, with many refusing to fight further. Third, Allied forces were increasing in strength, especially through the vigorous entry of the United States into the fray.

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In Ferbruary, 1917, Germany declared unrestricted submarine war, the US became outraged and entered the war. The American (fresh) soldiers joined the French and British and pushed the Germans back. Meanwhile, in Germany there were strikes and protests against the war that had caused too much suffering and after establishing the British naval blockade, most people in the home front (or even in the other fronts) were starving. Luddendorf resigned in October, 1918,Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated in November, 1918. The armistice was signed in a railway carriage on 11 November, 1918.

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1. Because the D-Day invaision in 1944 deeply demoralized Germany.

2. Hitler killed himself.

3. The battles of Stalingrad and Berlin more deeply demoralized the Germany, forcing them to surrender.

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Q: What was one reason for the german surrender in1918?
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Many German soldiers were no longer willing to fight.

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