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The name of President Jackson's plantation is the Hermitage Home. It is located in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. Jackson was the 7th President in the U.S.

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Jackson's plantation , the Hermitage, is just outside of Nashville, TN. His house is still there , open to visitors, and that is where he is buried.

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The Hermitage

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It's name was Hermitage

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Q: What was president jacksons plantation called?
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What was Andrew Jacksons plantation in Tennessee?

The Hermitage

Who was president jacksons handpicked sucessor?

Martin Buren

Why is plantation called plantation?

Plantation is called plantation because.. In the word plantation there is PLANT, the word plant signifies plantation...thing that grow like plants.. IN BARNS Plantation is a barn.

Why is Andrew jacksons face on the 20bill?

Because he was our 20th president.

Who was president jacksons secratary of STATE?

Martin Van Burren

What was the basis of Jacksons Power as president?

Jackson felt no such constraint

What president's home was called the Hermitage?

Andrew Jackson gave his plantation home that name. It is located near Nashville, TN and is open to the public for a fee.

What was the name of the home George Washington lived in before becoming the US President?

His Plantation was called Mount Vernon and he lived there also when he left the Office of President.

What was president andrew jacksons occupation before becoming president?

Andrew Jackson was a Lawer and a Soldier.

What were Andrew Jacksons kides called?

they called him daddy

What is Andrew jacksons known for?

He is known for fighting in the army ,and because he was the President!

What were wives of plantation owners called?

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