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Mostly it was finding trading opportunities (North America, starting with the British 1497 expedition financed by Richard Ameryk who may well be the real source of the name "America") ore pure greed (the Conquistadores' search for treasure in South America)

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in the 1400 the people of Europe and Asia only knew of themselves. Then Columbus discovered America, the New World. So they went exploring it.

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Q: What was purpose of exploring the new world?
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What was the purpose of exploration?

i think the main purpose for exploring is finding out new things and to know about our world so we can survive in it better...n stuff

What was Portugal's purpose for exploring the new world?

Just like other nations of the time they explored to find a water route to Asia.

What did European hope to gain from exploring the new world?

What did Europeans hope to gain from exploring the New World

What countries were exploring the new world?

It was Spain, France, and Britain

What was the time called when explorers were exploring the new world?

The time when explorers started exploring was called the "Age of Exploration".

How did Cortes' work change the world?

he changed the world by exploring the amercas and discovering new land.

How did Amerigo Vespucci get involved with exploring?

He wanted to Know if the "New World" was not India.

What economic activities did the Spanish participate in while exploring the new world?


What did Europeans hope to gain from exploring he New world?

wealth i think........... MONEY!

What European country had a head start exploring and conquering the new world?


What were England's goals for exploring the new world?

England's goals for exploring the New World included finding new trade routes, resources such as gold and silver, acquiring land for settlement, expanding their empire, and spreading Christianity. They also sought to establish colonies to increase their wealth and influence.

What are the disadvantages of not exploring?

Not exploring can limit personal growth, creativity, and new opportunities. It can also lead to missed experiences, stagnation, and a narrow perspective of the world.