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Czar also known by Caesar

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Q: What was the Russian monarch called?
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What was The title given to the Russian monarch?

That person is called a Czar.

Who was the first great Russian monarch?

The first great Russian monarch is considered by many to be Ivan the Great. Ivan III of Russia ruled from 1462 - 1505.

In 1917 what finally brought down the Russian monarch?

Bread riots

Who is regarded as the most influential monarch of Russian Romanov Dynasty?

Peter I

In what year was the Russian monarch ousted from power during world war1?

In 1917

Why did the Russian revolt?

The Russian people revolted in 1917 because of the harsh living conditions place on them by the monarch. The Bolshevik Revolution was very successful.

What are Russian onions called?

Russian onions are called "Π»ΡƒΠΊ" (luk) in Russian.

What is the female of monarch?

The female form of a monarch is called a queen or a princess.

Russian word for Caesar?

The Russian word (transliterated into English) is "tsar" or "czar". Either spelling is accepted.

Which is estonias monarch?

There is no Monarch of Estonia, Estonia is a republic and has been since 1917. The last monarch to rule over Estonia was Tsar Nicholas II of the Russian Empire. However Toomas Hendrik Ilves is the current President of Estonia

What is the female form of monarch?

The female form of a monarch is called a queen or a princess.

Who was the Russian monarch whose policies favored the landed nobility usually at the expense of the serfs?

Catherine the Great