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The US Supreme Court's first important decision, Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 US 419 (1793), was overturned by the Eleventh Amendment. In Chisholm, the Court ruled states lacked sovereign immunity from being sued for war reparations, which had the potential to cause economic disaster following the Revolutionary War.

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Q: What was the US Supreme Court's first major case and what Amendment reversed the justices' decision?
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What is the decision of most of the justices on the Supreme Court called?

The agreed ruling of more than half of the Supreme Court justices is called a majority decision.

Amendment to the U.S. Constitution instituted a federal income tax?

The 16th amendment allowed the government to instate the income tax, which reversed the Supreme Court decision stating otherwise.

Can a Supreme Court decision be challenged and by whom?

No, there are only 2 ways a decision may be reversed. Either the court hears a similar case and reverses itself or there is a constitutional amendment. Brown v Board is an example of the former, the 13th and 14th Amendment is an example of the latter.

What influences supreme court decisions?

The justices of the US Supreme Court vote on each case that is brought before them. The decision of the court is whatever a majority of the justices agree on. Each justice has an equal say in the decision.

What amendment is polygamy in?

Polygamy is not in any amendment, it was outlawed by a Supreme Court decision.

The strategic model of Supreme Court decision making emphasizes?

how the justices account for the views of other justices when deciding how to act

To which amendment does this Supreme Court decision refer?

Since you didn't say WHICH Supreme Court decision, there is no way to answer the question.

What is a written statement by most of the justices in support of a Supreme Court decision?

The agreed ruling of more than half of the Supreme Court justices is called a majority decision; the written document is called a majority opinion or the "opinion of the Court."

What is the minimum vote required in the supreme court for a decision pass?

In the US Supreme Court, a decision requires a simple majority of the justices hearing the case. If all nine justices are present, the minimum for for a majority is 5 votes of 9.

For the majority ruling on the Supreme Court there needs to be at least justices who agree?

For a majority ruling on the Supreme Court, a minimum of five out of the nine justices must agree. This is because a majority decision requires more than half of the justices to support a particular outcome or opinion. It is necessary to have a majority in order to establish a binding decision for the Court.

Which feature of the presidency is a result of constitutional amendment?

The ability to nominate Justices to the US Supreme Court. :)

Which amendment did the Supreme Court cite in its Roe v Wade decision?

14th Amendment