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The 'black land' called 'kemet' (kmt) was originally the name of of Egypt. It now refers to fertile land on the banks of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians used this land for growing their crops. This was the only land in ancient Egypt that could be farmed because a layer of rich, black silt was deposited there every year after the Nile flooded. The term "kemet" is often termed to mean "black land" though sometimes is seen as a racist word for in Greek, it means "black faces."

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a slit

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Q: What was the black land of Egypt?
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What types of land are there in Egypt?

the land type of egypt is sandy

What is the black land?

a place in Egypt

What are two regions in Egypt?

the red land and the black land

What is the land around the Nile River delta called?

one answer is black land and the other side is red land so you have 2 answers

Where is the Kemet land?

Kemet is actually Egypt. It means 'Land of the Black Faces.'

What are the red lands and the black lands?

The Black Land and the Red Lands were located in Ancient Egypt. The Black Land represented life. The Red Land represented danger

The -Black Land- in Egypt is also known as what?

Ancient Egyptians called their lands "Kemet" which roughly translates to "The Black Land".

What it the black fertile soil in Egypt called?

The black fertile soil in Egypt is called "Kemet" or "black land." It gets its name from the annual flooding of the Nile River, which deposits nutrient-rich silt onto the land, making it ideal for agriculture.

What was the black land of Egypt how did it get its name?

The black land or fertile earth along the Nile River was called Kemet. Kemet means black earth.

What are the two regions in Egypt?

The two regions of Egypt are called Upper and Lower Egypt! I hope I helped

What are Pairs of contrasts that describe ancient Egypt?

Some contrasts about ancient Egypt are: Hot days and chilly nights Upper and Lower Egypt Black Land and Fted Land The Nile cutting Egypt in half, but also joining Upper and Lower Egypt

Who ruled the black land in Egypt?

The ancient Masara highly nomadic people