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When Molly Pitcher died, she was about 87. She was very old. Some people say that she got sick and died. (but if she was younger and stronger she could have fought off the disease.) And some people say that she died of simply old age, when you get oxygenated or something.

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Q: What was the cause of death for Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley?
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What is Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley death date?

she died on august 15th 1905 to be excact

Who is Mary Ludwig hays second husband and who is George mccauley?

John McCauleyis Mary Ludwig hays second husband andWilliam mccauley was her first

Who are gretchen and john ludwig?

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley's parents

Did mary Ludwig hays mccauley have a brother?

yes she did

What was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley?

Molly Pitcher

Was mary Ludwig hays mccauley?

Molly Pitcher

What was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley's Nickname?

Mary Ludwig Hayes McCauley's nickname was Molly Pitcher

Molly Ludwig Hays Mccauley's parents names?

Gretchan ludwig and John G. Ludwig

Who was nicknamed Molly Pitcher?

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley :)

Mary Ludwig Hays Mccauley birthday?

October 13th

Where did Mary Ludwig hays McCauley take water to soldier?

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley took water to soldiers by Pennsylvania Legislature in 1822. BBB333: At the battle of the Monmouth Courthouse

How did Mary Ludwig hays mccauley die?

she died of old age