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Congress issued a resolution on April 20 declaring Cuba independent and demanding that Spain leave the island within three days.

...My answer would be because,

Cuban rebels wanted independence from Spain
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Cuba was a Spanish Colony. When Spain lost the Spanish-American War, they lost Cuba.

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Q: What was the cause of the conflict between cuba and Spain?
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Why did America intervened in the fight between Spain and Cuba?

America saw the similarities between the struggle in Cuba and the struggle they faced in the American Revolution. They felt a kinship to their cause.

Differnence between Colorado and Cuba?

colorado is in the u.s.a and cuba is in spain

The U.S. and Spain had a conflict over the two Spanish colonies of?

cuba and puerto rico

How did Spain cause trouble for America?

because spain wanted to take over cuba before america stepped in and saved cuba and defeated spain in war over 4 months

Did Spain give the us Cuba?

No, Spain did not give Cuba to Spain but, the U.S.A offered to by Cuba in the late 1800s.

Is Spain in Cuba?

No, Spain is one country and Cuba is another country. Cuba is an island in the Caribbean Ocean and Spain is a country in Europe. During the 19th century Cuba was a Spanish Territory.

Hernando Cortes represented which country?

First Spain but later Cuba I believe.

What helped promote war between the US and Spain over Cuba?

The Hearst newspapers.

Did Spain rule Cuba until 1956?

No, Cuba gained its independence from Spain in 1898.

Who controlled Cuba in the 1800s?

Spain was in control of Cuba until 1898.

How did the American business people help cause the outbreak of the spanish American Cuban war?

American business owners wanted knew markets that were found in Cuba. In order to get these markets, they would have to take over Cuba, currently owned by Spain.

Did Holland colonize Cuba?

No, Spain colonized Cuba.