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Only white families could afford to buy a house in the suburbs.

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African Americans were not allowed in many suburbs

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What was a cause of the limited diversity in the suburbs?

African Americans were not allowed in many suburbs which caused limited diversity.

Suburbs tended to have what?

little diversity

What did suburbs tended to have?

little diversity

Suburbs tended to have?

little diversity

Historically the growth of north American suburbs was most constrained by?

Limited transportation

Why do people hate the suburbs?

I hate the suburbs because I lacks the diversity ,culture,and accessibility city has to offer. I personally find myself uncomfortable in the suburbs and somewhat trapped there. Plus In the city it's easier to joke about than murder than in suburbia for some reason. (I can't figure why?)

What was cause of the limited diversity in the suburbs?

Suburbs generally were developed all at once with all the houses built by a single builder or company. Unlike the urban core which evolved over time, with houses built by different builders. As a result, all the houses in a suburban area are similar in age, size and cost. This resulted in people of the same economic background living together in these neighborhoods. And while these neighborhoods were (and still are not) diverse, it was often as much about Economics as it was about racism. Certainly many suburbs, particularly between 1950 and 1970, were developed outside of the central city around new schools for white homeowners that were fleeing the integration of established schools. But just because someone moved out of neighborhood with an integrated school to a suburban one with no diversity does not mean it was motivated by racism. Without doubt, many people moved to get away from diversity, but many moved to give the best opportunity to their children as well.

What does Ignoring diversity cause?

Ignoring diversity can lead to lack of inclusivity, limited perspectives, and perpetuation of biases and discrimination. It hinders growth, innovation, and the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.

What was the cause of limited diversity in the suburbs?

Limited diversity in the suburbs can be attributed to historical housing policies like redlining, discriminatory lending practices, and social segregation. These factors have contributed to racial and economic segregation, with certain groups being marginalized or excluded from suburban neighborhoods. Additionally, social networks and personal preferences can also play a role in limiting diversity in suburban areas.

What was the most important cause behind urban decay during the post war years?

the movement of population to the suburbs

What diversity can cause?

Complaints and legal issues

How does racism affect diversity?

it cause earthquake