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Khaki - wild guess

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Q: What was the color of british combat uniforms adopted in India from the Indian word for dust?
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The color of british combat uniforms adopted in India from the Indian word for dust?

The color of British combat uniforms was referred to as khaki. A corps of British soldiers in India introduced this uniform in 1848. The word khaki is from the Urdu language of India, and it means dust colored.

Are the uniforms of officers in the same as soldiers in the British army?

The combat uniforms are the same yes, the only difference being is rank insignia. However dress uniforms are varied by rank

What is the difference between the civil war uniforms and today war uniforms?

Today's combat uniforms do not have specific colours. Many are camouflaged.

What is the full meaning of DPCUs?

DPCUs stands for Disruptive Pattern Combat Uniforms. These are military uniforms designed to provide camouflage and protection for soldiers in combat situations. The disruptive pattern helps soldiers blend into their surroundings and avoid detection by the enemy.

India's first combat aircraft without Indian pilot?

HAL Tejas is the first combat aircraft without indian pilot.

How did the French and Indian war prepare George Washington for his future as a military officer?

Washington gained combat experience as an officer in this war and learned the British system of military training and strategy which helped him later when fighting the British.

How do you unlock the Nike Pro Combat uniforms on NCAA Football 11?

NCAA Football 11 Demo

What are Wushu uniforms often made of?

Traditional uniforms are made from common fabrics such as cotton, more elaborate uniforms will be made from silk although they are not practical for combat. In the modern world man made fabrics are also used for a cheaper manufacturing cost.

What do the wing designs on the shoulders of the Florida Gators' new uniforms represent?

They aren't wings. It is Nike's new line of "combat" uniforms that are lighter and more durable. The material on the shoulders is high in tensile strength but very light.

Do you wear the Combat Service Identification Badge on Mess Dress Uniforms?

Per ALARACT 203/2010, the CSIB is now authorized as optional wear for the Army Blue Mess and Army White Mess dress uniforms.

Does the British army teach hand to hand combat?


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Mark Lloyd has written: 'Combat Uniforms of the Civil War' -- subject(s): Confederate States of America, Confederate States of America. Army, History, Juvenile literature, Military uniforms, Uniforms, United States, United States Civil War, 1861-1865, United States. Army 'Tanks (Concise Collection)' 'Modern combat gear' 'The art of military deception' -- subject(s): Deception (Military science), Subversive activities, History 'Prologue to a Farce' 'Pioneers of prime time religion' -- subject(s): Case studies, Television in religion 'Modern Combat Uniforms' 'Military Badges and Insignia (Concise Collections)'