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The 56 men who signed the Declaration were not token patriots when they pledged their lives and honor to the cause of freedom. The average age was 44 and the youngest was 26. Ben Franklin was the oldest at 70. Most had money, none were hungry, and none were out of work. They actually laid their lives and fortunes on the line for freedom. Of the 56 men 5 were arrested by the British as traitors, 12 had their homes looted and burned, 2 lost sons in the war, 17 lost their fortunes, 9 fought in the war and died. Three of the signers lived to be over 90, 10 lived past 80, and 11 past 70. They came from all walks of life; 24 were lawyers, 14 farmers, 4 doctors, 9 merchants, and one minister. Three were born in Ireland, two in England and Scotland, one in Wales. During the war they were offered immunity to come back to the British cause. None did. One signer, George Wythe, was poisoned by his grand nephew at the age of 80. Samuel Chase became part of the Supreme Court and Caesar Rodney died of cancer. Button Gwenette became governor of GA and was killed in a duel at the age of 42. Oliver Woolcott became governor of Connecticut. Thomas Lynch, Jr. disappeared 3 years later with his wife on a voyage to the West Indies. Charles Carroll lived to 90 and died in 1832. He helped lay the cornerstone of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad.

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Lives, fortunes, honor...Of those 56 who signed the Declaration of Independence, nine died of wounds or hardships during the war. Five were captured and imprisoned, in each case with brutal treatment. Several lost wives, sons or entire families. One lost his 13 children. Two wives were brutally treated. All were at one time or another the victims of manhunts and driven from their homes. Twelve signers had their homes completely burned. Seventeen lost everything they owned. Yet not one defected or went back on his pledged word. Their honor, and the nation they sacrificed so much to create, is still intact.

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The old state house now called independent hall

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They died

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Q: What was the fate of men who signed Declaration of Independence?
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56 signers THE 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence form a fascinating cross section of late 18th-century America. Some were great men; some were not.

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