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the comic was on the super hero "the thing". i forgot when it was published but its really old.

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Q: What was the first comic ever made?
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What does the first simpsons comic book ever made look like?

The First simpsons comic is a spoof on the fantastic four #1 cover. Homer is a large monster attacking SpringField on the cover

What was the first comic book ever made?

It was actually a book that reprinted alot of past comic strips from the newspaper. That's actually how it got it's name considering they're not always comical.

In which edition of the Batman comic did the Joker first appear?

In the original edition of the Batman comic, the very first book ever released contained the Joker. The Joker was the first villain that Batman ever defeated.

When ws the first comic made?

In 1895

What is the first ever sonic comic?

The first ever Sonic comic was "Sonic the Hedgehog" issue #0, published by Archie Comics in June 1992. It served as a preview issue for the ongoing Sonic comic series that followed.

How much is the first ever copy of the spide rman comic worth?

You'll need to refer to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide .

When was the first Peanuts comic made?

October 2, 1950.

What is the most valuable comic ever?

Action Comics # 1 : the first appearance of Superman .

Is there a Death Note comic ever made?

Yes, it's what the anime was based on. It has 12 volumes.

Who made the first ever scooter?

Who made the first ever scooter

Was the first comic made on a wall in Egypt?

No one can say for sure what the first HYROGLYPH made was with absolute certainty.

Was the spider man comics made first?

No, the first comic was called 'The Yellow kid'.