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Q: What was the first set of laws after the revolutionary war called?
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What was Rome's first set of written laws called?

Rome's first set of written laws is called The Twelve Tables.

What was the first set of laws that kept the United States together during the Revolutionary War?

There were no laws and no United States in 1776 to 1883. The articles of confederation were the first set of laws until the constitutional convention and the adoption of the constitution in 1789.

What were the first set of laws of the US called?

The first set of U.S. laws were called The Articles of Confederation. The framers were going to amend it, but instead wrote the Constitution.

Who wrote the first complete set of laws?

The Babylonian Emperor Hammurabi is known as the person that wrote the first set of laws. These laws are called Hammurabi's Code.

What were the new set of laws called that were Justinian's?

His set of laws were called the Justinian Code.

What change did Hammurabi bring to mesopotamia?

He established the first set of laws called "Hammurabi's code"

What was the name of the first set of laws that allowed Jewish discrimination?

They were called the Nuremberg Laws. They were so named because the laws came after the annual rally at the city of Nuremberg.

What was the name of the ancient Roman system of laws?

The first set of written Roman laws was called the Twelve Tables. It was published in approximately 450 BC BCE.

What was the very first set of uniform laws in world history?

The very first set of written laws in human history was the Code of Hammurabi.

What is the name Hammurabi set of laws?

Hammurabi's Code is the name of Hammurabi's ancientt Mesopotamian laws, which were also they first set of recorded laws.

What is a set of laws for slaves called?

slave codes

The national assembly adopted a set of revolutionary ideas called?

The rghts of man and citizen