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The first of the Thirteen colonies to sign the constitution was the state of Deleware, the first state to be admitted into the Union. Many people critisize this because the first colony to be founded was Virginia by the British, but in terms of the US history, Delaware was the first state to rattify and sign the constituion. Hense its nickname "the first state"

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Q: What was the first thirteen colonies that signed the constitution?
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What was the name of the first Constitution adopted by the original thirteen colonies?

Depending on what would be considered a constitution there are 3 possible answers The Mayflower Compact signed by the Pilgrims in November of 1620 The Articles of Confederation Then The Constitution signed on September 17, 1787

Which came first the revolutionary war or the thirteen colonies?

The thirteen colonies. When we won the war, the colonies became the first thirteen states.

What was the first state admitted to the thirteen colonies and what year was it?

It was Rhode Island. They declaired their independance from England first. But they were the last to ratify the Constitution. BOOGERS IN MEH NOSE!!!!!!

Did each of the thirteen colonies form their own government when founded?

The Thirteen colonies first formed in 1507.

What were the colonies that took over the 13 original colonies?

The thirteen original colonies became the first thirteen states in The United States of America.

Which of the thirteen colonies setteled first?


What was the first constitution in the colonies called?

the first written constitution was in the first colonies was the may flower compact.

What was the first colony of the 13?

Virginia was the first of the thirteen colonies

What was the name of the first of the original thirteen colonies?


Which of the thirteen American colonies setteled first?


Which came first in the thirteen colonies?

Virginia was first. It was founded in 1607.

How and when did New Hampshire become a state?

New Hampshire became a state in 1788 when it ratified the US Constitution. It was one of the original thirteen colonies that came the first states.